Sunday, November 08, 2009

10 down two Belkis to go!

Yep, it is November in Belkis as we explore the second-to-last month is one of the most enchantingly beautiful women on the planet.

This month, her image is brought to us by the powerful pen of David Quiles, who is an independent comicbook artist and publisher. David produces some seriously bad-ass art comic art! He is associated with (our friends) the nut-jobs over Crazee Comics. His amazing work tends towards underground comicbook themes, where he works the whole bag as publisher, illustrator, designer, and creator. You can always find David on the NY-Tri-State convention circuit illustrating and performing his many commissions. His work can not only be found on ebay, but also at Infiniteline Comics, his MySpace page, and his ComicSpace page. In addition to his work in this calendar he is available for all types of commissions.

David can also be found at comicbook shows around the NY area, and should be looked up whenever you have the chance. If you are still interested in acquiring NovaStar Studios, Fantasy Art Calendar (featuring Belkis), you can contact James Rodriguez (who put the whole thing together) over at his site, and while you are there, ask him about his up-coming sci-fi comicbook.


Belkis said...

I love his work. This is one of my favorites!

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Plus it has the added advantage of looking most like you!