Monday, November 16, 2009

Die Medium?

I have to say that, after having purchasing the second issue of Boom Studio’s, I’m still waiting for the explosions to start.

Yeah, yeah, I know that comics and films are two very different media, but I mean, really, this book had better start blowing crap up soon, or I’m afraid that it is going to lose it’s potential audience.

Just to make it clear, I’m enjoying the comic thus far, but really, this is not at all what I expected in a comic that has the main character blowing stuff up in the first 20 minutes of screen time. I mean, four films later we have expectations, and this book had better start ramping up the über-violence pretty soon.

Oh, if you are a fan of the book, but want to see some wicked-cool crap blow up, you can watch this following video (be careful, though, as the lyrics repeatedly utter John McClane’s most famous line — yippie-I-aye-Muther-f#cker! — as part of the chorus, so if you are watching at work (something I don’t advise), you just might want to keep the sound low).

Oh, and here is some six minutes of explosions and gun battles from 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard (the 4th film).

Live Free Or Die Hard - Funny videos are here

While it isn’t contained in this clip, I just love the line John utters when he drives his car into the ‘chopper.

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