Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funnybook Filing...

For the past several years, once a year, I would haul my comics out of my attic, and file my recent comics in with my older titles. I do it like this because, well, My In-Laws live with us, and they are snow-birds (here in the Summer and back in Florida in the Winter). Anyways, because I’ve been working on The Official Index to the Marvel Universe, and we are winding up our coverage on Amazing Spider-Man, I figured that I needed to pull out the rest of my Marvel comics, sort through them and (better) categorize them so that I can actually find stuff if I’m required to do so for my upcoming entries.

Well, when I was looking through them I did a quick count and figured that I had roughly 54 long boxes of comics. Well, depending upon which figures I use, I have somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000 comics.

I thought that I’d give you some photographic reference of what that looks like.

Remember, these photos are just my Marvel comics.

Anyway, I need to catalog these comics, figure out what I have (specifically, which of these comics have Spidey in them as a guest) put them into “order,”weed out the dupes, perhaps even bag a bunch of them up, and well, actually read a bunch of them (I just came to realize that quite a few of them I received in the early ‘90s when I was on the Marvel (and DC, and Image, and Malibu, and Milestone, and Valiant and...) comp lists, and never actually ever read them.

Guess I have quite a bit of reading to go to “catch up” as it were.


Tommy said...


I'd say, organize one area for Crossovers and Special Events if you collect those, but set aside the ones with Spidey from there.

Then also keep another area for ones that have Spider-Man, but aren't necessarily him, such as a dream version, a cover appearance, or ones featuring his alternate reality counterparts.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Actually Tommy, I’ve simplified my filing system.

The first group is what I’m currently collecting (Spidey, and all things relates, plus appearances in other titles).

Next are the (Marvel) books I’m no longer collecting, which are grouped by “family” (X-Men/Avengers/Hulk/Iron Man/Thor/Humor/Reprint/licensed/etc.)

Then are the non-Marvel books (DC/Image/Dark Horse/Valiant/etc.)

I also have sections for giveaways, foreign, and comics I own that have been produced by my friends).

Now I just have to organize them into those groups and, well, make sure that the ones I need are close to the front.