Friday, August 04, 2006

Ladies & Gents, Melvin Ylagan

A while back I spoke about the comicbook to which I contributed an eight-page story. Well, Melvin Ylagan, the cover artist, turned in a spectacular cover which spotlights my story, so I felt it necessary to learn a bit more about Melvin, and he sent me the following information about himself.

Melvin tells me that he started taking comics more seriously during the early ‘90s, after a meeting with Joe Quesada who was at a book signing in Queens, Melvin was hired right away as a background illustrator for Joe’s comic, Ash. After asking Joe for a letter of recommendation, Melvin soon got a partial scholarship at the School of Visual Arts.

He kept working with Joe while in school and also apprenticed for Robert L. Benney (former chairman of the Society of Illustrators and a very good friend of Norman Rockwell). After graduating, Melvin was quickly hired by Neal Adams’ Continuity Associates, to illustrate storyboards for commercials. he then landed another job at the NYC studio a year later.

Melvin recently went back to Continuity (with Neal Adams), as a freelancer while pursuing a career in cover illustration and his life-long dream. Some years ago, Melvin began a creator-owned comic story entitled Gothis. He had published an issue of Gothis some years ago and is still determined to finish the saga after he’s more established in the field of comics.

Hopefully with his (soon to be) published work in Psychosis Melvin will achieve some measure of that success. We certainly hope so. Take a look at the cover art that he has contributed to Psychosis (which spotlights my story). Personally, I’m blown away by it.

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