Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Spider-Man, all the time!

Yep, boys and girls, Spidey is back in the NY Post. Today, Thursday, August 31, 2006 we are treated to the second half of The Amazing Spider-Man #1. In this thrilling installment, we see our intrepid hero save a NASA space capsule, meet The Fantastic Four, and go up against a Russian spy named The Chameleon.

Not too shabby for a mere 13 pages (take that Mr. Bendis!)

Seriously, Stan Lee could do more with less in 1962 with an audience that he wasn’t even sure was out there than many of today’s comicbook writers seem to be able to do with a built-in audience and pre-sold issues. Plus, artists back then seemed to be able to work on two (or in the case of Jack “King” Kirby), three, or even four comics a month, while today’s artists are lucky if they can get one book done in six or eight weeks.

Makes you wonder, eh?

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