Thursday, July 27, 2006

So I watched the Sci Fi Channel’s Stan Lee/Dark Horse venture “Who wants to be a Superhero?”. Cute concept, fun show a bunch of people are vying for the opportunity to be turned into a comicbook superhero by Stan.

I’ve got to say that prior to watching this show I was lamenting my pathetic life, then I saw the contestants on this show. Still, having said, that, if I had the means to create a costume and attending the screening sessions, I would have totally done just that. (As would you.) Oh yeah, I couldn’t help but to notice that Stan never appeared in the same room as the wanabe superheroes contestants. He was always on a TV screen (a la Wizard of Oz).

After the show I went to and built my own Superhero. here he is.

Fun stuff, everyone should try it, and oh yea, watch the show also.



onfoyou said...

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Robert J. Sodaro said...

Thank you very much, I hope you come back and visit more often.

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