Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does what ever a Spider Can!

Hey, remember last week when I found out that the NY Post included a reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15 in Thursday’s Edition? Well the paper did it again, only this time it included (half) a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 in today’s edition. As I am lead to understand, the second half of the comic will appear in next Thursday’s edition.
I suspect that there will be additional reprints that will appear in the paper after that.

I just heard that according to a quote from Dean Spencer, Executive Director of Advertising for the Sun-News Network, on a Sun News network Web site, after the initial reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15 there will be 47 more weekly editions. It appears the reprints will be chronological, but not strictly sequential.

This information was later verified over at SpiderFan in a news clip indicating that News America Marketing is in fact going to be reprinting issues of Spider-Man comics over the next several weeks.

If this is true, then it — in all probability — leads right up until the launch date of Spider-Man 3. So, even though — in all probility — I already have all of the original issues in question, I’m totally psyched, and intend to acquire them all!

Is this like totally cool or what?

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