Friday, June 08, 2012

The War (of the Independents) continues

OK kids, here is very exciting news I (finally) got a-hold of my copy of The War of the Independents #3, and guess what? Your humble blogger was listed as the furslinging editor!

Yeah, yeah I totally knew that it was happening. I've been helping out Dave Ryan throughout the book’s run whenever I could, with marketing & Pr as well as helping him compose the blurbs that run in Diamond’s Advanced Preview catalog. In fact, Dave had me read through his script and do some copy editing and formatting, as well as proofing before the book went off to print.

Heck, I’ve sat his table at a couple of cons in NY & Philly (seriously, how cool, eh?). Well, anywho, I just finished reading issue #3 and I wanted to wax poetic about it for a bit. To be sure, I’ll post a full review of it later on over the weekend (and come back here to provide you all with a link so you won’t be deprived of my deathless prose).

In the mean time, I’ll clue you in to the following — my beloved characters Hope & Grace (the Wülf Girlz) appeared in the big crowd scene at the end of issue #1 and will pop up again (to actually help fight the bad guys) in issue #6 I believe.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot to tell you, issue #3 has two (yes two!) covers. The front cover is masterfully done by Todd Nauck (Wildguard: Image Comics), and the back cover was rendered by the amazing Chris Giarrusso (G-Man, Mini Marvels). The War of the Independents is available for the low, low price of just $2.99 (American), and would be a steal for twice that!

If you want a brief preview of the book go here and check it out, but then hurry off to your local comicbook shop and buy a copy (or three) straight-away!

Well that’s about it for now, more as it happens!

Now for the wicked-cool stuff! The Wülf Girlz from issue #1:

Along with a close-up of the Girlz (sorry it is so bury, but trust me — it is them!):

And now here is my editor credit in #3

Total awesomeness. eh?

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