Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Spidey Toys

So the wife and I were at this outlet store called The Christmas Tree Shop (never could figure out why it was called that, because it doesn’t sell Christmas trees, but that could just be me). To be sure it is sort of an “Odd Lot” store and sells all sorts of remainder items for next to nothing. The wife really likes the place because it sells all sorts of stuff really cheap, and I really like the place because it sells comicbook stuff (read: Marvel/Spidey) stuff really cheap.

So we were there the other day, and I found a tube of Face Off Spidey figures (there was another with Iron Man or X-Men characters (or both, I don’t recall), but I didn’t pick it up). As I understand it, Face Off is some sort of Marvel game where the characters go up against other characters. Personally, I don’t care about the game, but the figures were kind of cool, and seemed cheap enough, so I grabbed them and snuck them into the carriage.

I also saw a Spider-man lawn sprinkler, but that was 10 bucks, and (I felt) too expensive for something that I was never going to use. I figured that I’d wait a month or so to see if it was still there and went down in price after the Summer. I figure that if it hit $5.00 I’d grab one for my collection.


Tommy said...

The Black Spider-Man figure looks similar to the one I got some Halloween back.

In fact...


Robert J. Sodaro said...

Nice Pic, only who, exactly, is this “Mary Jane” Doc Ock is talking about?

Tommy said...

I'm trying to piece that together, but for some reason my brain can't connect the dots.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Yea, that’s been happening to me for like 18 months now.

Remind me again why a guy who has been alive less time than I’ve been reading Spidey’s adventures gets to make these decisions about the character’s adventures, because he “knows better.”

Tommy said...

I dunno, but it's kinda like if you gave an internet troll power to affect the stuff you care about and they keep talking smack to you as it comes out. *Sigh*

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