Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Belkis in July

Ah, it is finally July, and time to (re) spotlight my good buddy, James Rodriguez, who produced the NovaStar Studios Fantasy Art Calendar

As we’ve discussed, James was born and raised in New York, James attended both The High School of Art in Design and The School of Visual Arts. He freelanced for the next few years working in advertising, comics, theatre, television, and film. He was a co-producer of the comedy troupe Sal Soul at the famed Caroline’s Comedy Club. After meeting Keith Murphey he became a member of the Comic Book Artist Guild and wound up drawing the cover for their anthology (CAG#1). Soon after that he was asked to become the new penciler on Philip Clark’s Quantum Rock of Ages which has gone on to gain critical acclaim.

At present James has established his own illustration studio, Novastar Studios (the studio is named after one of the first comicbook characters he created in high school). Not only did James’ Novastar Studios produce both this calendar but he is producing an on-going comicbook series, The Chronicles of Sara.

On another front, James is also drawing a story of mine An Act of Attrition for an Atlas Unleashed comic anthology to be announced later. As we’ve mentioned. Belkis, the subject of the year in question, is a marketing professional who’s website is nothing short of brilliantly insightful.

Now leave me alone while I stare at the calendar.

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