Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cool Rusty Haller Tchachkas

So, one of the very cool things that came out of Sunday’s event to raise money for Rusty, was that I discovered a 100-piece Ace & Queenie jigsaw puzzle. Ace & Queenie is the very entertaining comic that Rusty has been producing for years (for Furlough Comics, and now, the web). Well, according to Rusty, several years ago, a pal of Rusty’s produced a number of these Jigsaw puzzles for him, and (according to Rusty) and gave them to Rusty after Rusty did some work for the guy.

For quite a time Rusty would bring them with him to conventions (especially ConnectiCon, where Rusty was something of a fixture for years), and they sold quite well. If you are interested in picking up a pack, then you should head over to Free Lunch Comics, I know that they still had several of them left over.

Tell them I sent you.

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