Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Who ya gonna call?

I saw this comic in a free local (weekly) paper that is distributed in my area. The strip Bassist Wanted is online, but this particular strip isn’t posted as of yet, but it was very funny,and my pal Chris Buchner is a huge Ghostbusters fan, so I figured that I’d post it for him.


Porter Mason said...

Hey, I'm the cartoonist who does that comic! It's up online now:


Robert J. Sodaro said...

Hey Porter, your comic runs in a local weekly I sometimes read (The Fairfield County Weekly), and — as you can see — I really enjoyed this particular strip, and I posted it mostly because I have a good buddy who is a huge Ghostbusters fan.

Porter Mason said...

Yup. Thanks for posting it. You can get many more strips at the site, and even buy a book of strips!

Your buddy the Ghostbusters fan has impeccable taste.