Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today is SDCC!

Yep, the whole (funnybook) world converges San Diego for Comic-Con International. To help celebrate this Google has adjusted their masthead to reflect that all the world is a funnybook:

How do I know that the whole world loves comics? Nothing less than the esteemed Wall Street Journal has told me so.

it is because Comic-book films have been among the most bankable properties in Hollywood in recent years (surprise!). This year we had Wolverine and Watchmen. Next up for superheroes is, of course, Iron Man 2 which is due to hit theaters early next year.

With the Convention now in its 40th year, the Comic-Con convention has grown from a small gathering of just a few sci-fi fans to a mandatory stop for film and videogame producers, whose industries are increasingly marketing superhero characters and their stories.

But all the well-known characters are already locked up by big studios. DC Comics, which has the rights to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, among others, contracts with Warner Brothers. Marvel Comics, which has Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man and the Hulk in its ranks, is signed with various major studios, including Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film and Universal Studios."

(read the full article here)

To those film producers who are looking for a killer comic-to-film-concept, let me direct your attention to my girls...

I’ll be here (not in San Diego) all week. For all of the rest of you who will be in San Diego, you might need this.


Tommy said...

Besides everything you've stated, there is still one major thing that goes without saying...D.C. Character Google logo!!

Can a Marvel comics one be far behind?

Robert J. Sodaro said...

You mean like this?