Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers @ BK

OK, so I went to a BK over the weekend in the hopes to score some very cool Transformers, only the one I went to was apparently out of the figures (or simply refused to sell me them without the meal). Slightly disappointed, I looked at the figures, and was somewhat less than impressed.

To be sure, they might be cooler when you actually get one in your hands, but I just wasn't impressed by the look of them in the display case.

Perhaps I’ll just skip them, and wait for the GI Joe toys that I know are coming.

Have to think about this. Still, the movie is wicked-cool!

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Tommy said...

I go the Pokemon cards/toys things when I could, but they ran out pretty fast.

I thought Pokemania died down a lot. Damn kids. ><

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