Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Button, Button; whose got the Button?

So, as I mentioned, Over the past weekend I was at the MoCCA show and had a great time. Even to the point where I helped my client move more product than he had been able to move at each of the last three shows where he had displayed. To be sure I credit a couple of different factors helping in that area; first, it was the type of show (geared more towards the small press publishers), and second, it was us actively interacting and engaging the potential client. (If we sat back in our chairs and talked among ourselves behind the table, folks just walked by with their cash in their pockets, if we stood, and chatted the audience up, we tended to separate them from their cash, and sell our product. Funny how that works, eh?)

Any way, one of the very cool folks we met were the extremely nice folks at Twin Comics. Well, not only do they produce some cool comics, but they have an online web comic entitled Night Owls that is currently being hosted over at Zuda. Well, we got to know them quite well, especially when we learned that they were making little buttons for a buck and drawing anything you wanted on the button.

What most of us opted for, was a B&W picture or ourselves (except Mark Lear who — for some inexplicable reason — chose to have them draw my face. Anyway. this proved to be the coolest bit of collectible at the con, and I think I sent about 20 people over to their table to buy a button. Needless to say, when I got home the first night I showed my button off to my daughter, whose immediate response was “Why didn’t you get one for me, daddy.” The following day I went back to the Twin Comics booth and purchased two more buttons; one for my daughter, and one for my niece (who was visiting us at the time).

I think that they did an outstanding job on the buttons, and everyone who purchased one over the weekend clearly enjoyed theirs as well. So if you ever see Twin Comics at a con, go over to them, flash a buck, and ask for your face on a button, and tell ‘em that I sent you over.

In the mean time, you can follow their blog if you so choose.

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