Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in X!

Yesterday I talked about Chris Claremont returned to the X-Men after a 17-year (banishment) absence, and how his new, on-going series will — quite literally — pick up right from the end of where he left off 17 years ago.

Well, I read issue #1, and while I rather enjoyed the comic (I leaned that I really missed Chris writing the adventures of the X-Men, for many years, I really enjoyed reading his work. It was exciting, interesting, entertaining, and well, always was the center of attention amongst my comicbook friends.

Still, I have some questions regarding how this is all going to work:

  1. Is this still the 616 (the mainstream continuity) Marvel Universe?

  2. is this really the story that he would have written 17 years ago?

  3. Other than Nick Fury (who is there now) will other Marvel characters appear?

  4. How is this going to play out over the long haul?

  5. Is this an on-going or limited series?

Only time will tell if this “experiment” actually works.

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