Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wolverine grabs a Slurpee!

Yesterday (or was it very early this morning? Who can remember). I posted a number of images of the 7-eleven Terminator Slurpee cups and figure straws. Then, while I was doing it, I recalled that I had completely forgotten to post the images of the 7-eleven Wolverine: X-Men Origins cups and straws, even though that film had come out last weekend (and I had acquired the items in question fully a week earlier).

As stated, I was unable to snag the Papa John’s Wolverine X-Treme Pizza, as the only Papa John’s that was close enough to me to realistically patronize, closed a couple of months back. I can’t tell you how glad I am that it was open when they issued their Spidey-pizza.

Well, I’m going to rectify that egregious error right now, by posting them here.

There were three cups in this set.

There were also three “figure” straws.

That is to say, each Slurpee straw had a detachable figure attached to it that could be removed from the straw itself, attached to a base, and then posed for display. I’m glad that they chose to do this, as the Iron Man figures from last year had a little trouble standing.

While I’m not entirely sure what other movie-related items will wind up at your local fast food eatery (other than the already announced Transformers and G.I. Joe), I know that I will — in all probability — spend the rest of these next couple of months scanning the web, and prowling my local fast food franchises to see what I can score.

Right now, I’m now looking for Star Trek / BK toys, which are currently available.

Fanboys & girls, start your engines!


Tommy said...

Nothing can move the Blob!

Zatanna_Zatara said...

Hi! There were actually four straws. The Gambit, Blob, and Sabretooth you have and a silver straw with Wolverine!

(I'm not trying to be a know-it-all. I don't know if you're collecting them all and just though you might need that for your collection)

Robert J. Sodaro said...

I totally missed that there was a Wolverine straw! Thanks for the update man, you have a pic?

I'm heading for ebay today!