Friday, February 29, 2008


Hey all, you know that I’m a member in good standing of of the comic book group known as CAG (Comicbook Artists Guild). Well, a while back it was announced that we were going to have an actual, Honest to Stan awards ceremony, and give out real awards. Well, a contest was held to design a new logo for the ceremony, and well, designs were submitted, and yes, a winner was picked.

So, congratulations are due to to Alfredo Lopez Jr. of CAG Texas! Freddy gets $50, an interview on an upcoming Catch da Craze podcast, and Comic Novice radio interview. Freddy’s logo design will be used for the CAG Awards.

As I understand it, they received entries from three very talented designers Terry Pavlet, Brant Fowler, and Freddy Lopez all of whom submitted multiple entries which (obviously) making the decision to pick one rather difficult, as I am told. If you want to see all the entries and the winner you can check them out on the Catch da Craze’s site.

The CAG AWARDS A.K.A. The CAGGIES will take place on April 19th at 8 P.M. directly after the NY Comic Con at the Indy After Party in NYC. Awards will be awarded for the best in each of five categories which include:

1) Best Writer
2) Best Artist or Penciller
4) Best New Talent
5) Plus a Special Award for Excellence in Production/Presentation.

Special thanks to Sam Vera for his help selecting the winner.

About the Sponsors:
Catch Da Craze Podcast is a weekly show for independents by independents. Our focus is to promote the individual creators in comics, movies, gaming and more.

The Comic Book Novice consists of 4 people. All with a different view of the world of comics. Hosted by Mark Torres, The Comic Book Novice radio show airs each and every Thursday nite at 9 P.M. (EST) on WGBB (1240 AM).

So Congrats to Freddy, and we hope to see you at the party!

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Tommy said...

Hmmm...pretty tough to decide just from the winner's two entries.

The 2nd one has more pomp, but his 1st one is less distracting and your eyes go straight to the text.

I like the Akimbo shade w' thunder exclamation point one also.