Monday, February 04, 2008

Venom bites back!

So, you say you like Venom, but hated his truncated role in in the (perhaps overly-long Spider-Man 3?

Well, never fear, you folk just might get your wish as Venom looks like he is going to follow the X-Men’s Wolverine as a break-out solo star...

According to IESB, Eddie Brock and Venom are going to get their own film.

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Personally, it sounds like fun to me.

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Tommy said...

I think I remember hearing something about this sometime back, but not just with Venom or Wolverine, but also with Magneto.

I'm figuring Carnage has to get in here at some point, but I'm wondering if they'll go for broke and have Carnage be in the 1st one, or if they'll let things be more gradual, see if this'll work as a movie franchise, and put Carnage in one of the subsequent ones.

If they do that, the question would be, who would Venom face in the 1st film?

The Jury?

Although if they did use them, their motivations would have to be different as Venom hasn't been breaking out of jails and killing guards in this universe.

Dr. Paine?

Probably wouldn't be good for fight scenes, but good for a psychological aspect.

Or maybe they'll make up a new character.

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