Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Cool Spidey Stuff

One of the reasons that I like my cell phone (other than I can make and receive calls no matter where I am) is that it contains a digital camera, which allows me to be someplace and take a quick snapshot of something that I find cool. This happened recently to me when I was in a craft store, and I came across a number of Spidey-related items. One of the items I spotted, was a way-cool street-chalk holder in the shape of Spidey, that was going for only a buck. Needless to say, I bought that one.

The other times were a bit more pricey (not big-time pricey, but I really only had a buck on me, so that was all I bought. Still, let's get back to that camera phone technology (Maxwell Smart, eat your heart out). Well, I couldn't deprive you other Spider-ophiles the opportunity of viewing all of this way-cool stuff, so I snapped off a few pics, and they are now posted below.

Here is what the gback of that book looks like:


Tommy said...

I probably should look into getting some of those for my cousin's kid, who is also into Spidey (probably due to me, hehehe). He does have some Spider-Man stuff on his Leapster or whatever it is, although I've not checked it out yet. Maybe when he's playing bowling on my Wii...*sneak sneak*

He also likes playing with some of my Spidey figures, although I still don't know where Mysterio's cape is at! ><

He's about to be 3, and yes, he still messes with my Wii even if he doesn't completely get it...and my gameboy...and my xbox...etc...

Robert J. Sodaro said...

You go Tom, grab ‘em when they are young. We need to pass this stuff forward, so it stays around for the next generation.