Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spider-Clone, Spider-Clone, Friendly Neighberhood Spider-Clone

Ever hear the expression “Kissing your sister," well Over in Ultimate Spider-Man, you all know that Ultimate Petey was cloned by Ultimate Doc Ock and spun out in dozens of, well, interesting Ultimate variants. (including Spider-Scorpion, his father (Richard Parker) and, a female version of his own self). Well, my pals over at SpiderFan who can’t leave this sort of stuff along, have come up with their very own spin on the Spider-Clone concept.

Personally it is nothing that you or I didn’t think of already, they just got it into (digital) print sooner. Oh, and my version was way further off the deep end, but here for your reading pleasure is SpiderFan’s spin on the Ultimate Spider-Clone Saga.

If you enjoyed this strip (or want to see it ful sized for better reading), and want to read the entire run of SpiderFan funnies, go here.

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