Sunday, March 04, 2007

It’s Another Day in Spider-Land!

Or rather it was a week ago when I landed this issue of the Spider-Man Newspaper Collectible series. As it is a week later and there didn’t seem to be a comic in the NY Post this week, I’m bummed about it (again) and I’m wondering what the cause it this weekend!

Well, I called the Post’s Customer Service line, and got shunted into their voice mailbox to ask the question. If you want to call and ask for yourself (I’ll post the info here when I learn what happened), you can call them at 800.940.7678.

On a totally separate matter, Marvel’s Civil War Event is over (finally) only not so much, as it not only ended with a lame, status quo non-ending, but it just spills over into the next phase of the event, Civil War, the Initiative, where we will spend the next year on the “new, permanent changes” to the Marvel Universe. Yeah, a likely story, I’m currently giving odds that a year from now there will either be a third phase, or the thing will simply die under its own weight, with everything going back to the way it was before the “war.”

Any takers?

Thought not.

This is not to say that some of the stories around the Civil War Event weren’t good, it is just that it was all for naught, as the ending was a major let down. Still, I do feel it necessary to point out the striking similarities between Amazing Spider-Man #538 and ASM issue #106. (or am I the only one that caught that, eh?)

Anyway, As I told you all last week, I spent last weekend at the NY Comicon, well, this Sunday at another (way smaller) con in East Hartford, CT. There (at the E. Hartford show, I (along with my good buddy Ed Traquino) met up with our fellow CAGers. In addition to the show, we had a short meeting that was videotaped by Sean Therrien.

Next weekend I get to attend the NY CAG meeting (which is held every second Saturday at 5:00 P.M. at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art . Is this the (funnybook) life or what?

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Tommy said...

Good eye on the cover similarities, Bob. Educational too! *Raps hands w' ruler!*