Friday, March 09, 2007

Could this be the Day that Spidey is gone?

spidey adPerhaps, because, after some 24 weeks on having reprint Spider-Man comics in the NY Post, it looks as if my ol’ pal and May Parker’s favorite superhero, Spidey is standing down from his (NY) post. Why do I say this? Well, a buddy of mine stumbled across this ad (to the right) and, well, it speaks for itself.

If I’m reading this correctly, and the worst is to believed, then I’m quite sad over these events. Mostly because I was really enjoying reading all of those old issues. (Plus, I was collecting them for my nephew Tony-o to read.) Needless to say, I honestly think that the Post could have kept the series going for a while longer — through the opening weekend of Spider-Man 3 actually. Still, I did enjoy it while it lasted, and I suppose that I should be grateful for that.

Oh, if you haven’t been reading the reprint comic, or if you missed any issues, I highly recommend that you invest in the series (click the image for the link to the order form). You’ll be happy that you did!

The Perfessor

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