Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I like to think that I’m a funny guy, and there are those folk who tell me that I am. (“Hey, what are you, some kind of a smartass? You want me to pop you one, eh?” and things like that.) Anyway, the point is, much of my writing has taken on more of a serious tone than my so-called real life. Still, I can appreciate funny writing when I read it, and such was the case with the link that I’m including in just a minute. First, however, I’d like to set it up a bit for you.

The following bit of dialogue is just a bit of perhaps how a conversation might have gone between Captain America and Iron Man, if the events that lead up to Marvel’s Civil War occurred in the (so called) “real world.” While I truly wish that I could claim that I penned this scathing bit of social satire, sadly, I did not. A buddy of mine who posts Spider-Man related reviews at our home base of actually wrote it (check us out sometime).

In the meantime, follow the link to and see What If Civil War Happened In the Real World? and find out if you laugh as much as did I.

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