Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Psychosis! #1 out soon!

The Fear is on its way

A week or so back I received a copy of the cover of Psychosis! the horror comicbook anthology being published by Guild Works Productions, the publishing arm of The Comic Artists Guild. Today, I would like to show you all a copy of the cover for that comic.

As I understand it, there will be four covers for the comic. A “regular” cover and one each for the three stories contained within the comic. This is the cover which features my story (if you look close, you can see my name on the cover in very tiny letters). Ryan is the artist of the story itself (I haven’t seen any of his art yet, but when I do, you can be assured that I’ll show it here).

The cover artist is by a chap named Melvin Ylagan who (IMHO) rendered an image that is not only lyrical and chilling, but disturbingly erotic as well. I hope you agree. As I stated in a previous post, the comic itself will be on sale in September of this year from the publishing arm of the Comic Artist Guild. I’m recommending that you all go out to your local comicbook shop and reserve a copy now.

Stay tuned, more fear to come.

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