Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Occupy Marvel

Jack Kirby either created or co-created much of Marvel, there is no doubt about this. There is also no doubt that his art set the house style for decades. Marvel has gotten filthy rich off the back of Jack and other artists and  writers over the years. It is time that they acknowledge this debt.

There are some calling for a boycott of Marvel of this summer’s Avengers movie. Writer/artist, and educator Steve Bissette feels that we should petition Marvel to give credit and royalties to Jack Kirby and his family. Others suggest that you don’t necessarily boycott Marvel films, but give a buck to the Jack Kirby Museum whenever you go see a film with Kirby characters in it.

We feel that whatever option you choose, you stand up to the corporate slugs at Marvel and demand that they give proper honor and respect to one of the men that not only helped found this entire industry, but who gave so much of his life to the company itself.

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BK said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word about the Jack Kirby petition!