Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet, Mr. Wilcox!

So you say that you want to be famous, well my good pal, John Wilcox is. Over the years he has achieved this fame by appearing (over and over again) by appearing (if in name only) as a character in Bob Webber’s syndicated comic strip, Moose and Molly.

Here is a email I just received from John:
Once again, my good pal & colleague Bob Weber, Sr. used my name in his comic strip. This one is from yesterday, Feb 11. Over the years, in the strip I’ve been a bill collector, an employer, Moose's daughter’s boyfriend, a guy being booted from an office and; I forget what else! Pardon the lousiness of the scan, as it's directly from a newspaper!

John did the scan. Fun stuff, eh?

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