Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cup ‘o (Spider) Joe

So, the other day I mentioned that I was having a cup of Spider-Coco (my last cup, as it turned out), Our good buddy — and regular commenter — Tommy told me that he felt especially jealous over this, so I figured that I’d show him my collection of five Spider-Mugs. They are from three separate purchases.

The “odd” mug was purchased first. then I received as gifts two sets of two mugs each. One set has Spidey on one side and The Hulk on the other, while the second set of mugs (the one that came with the Hot Chocolate mix, I believe) had two different versions of Spidey on the mugs.

As I said, both of these two-mug sets were gifts, and now they are the only mugs from which I drink (coffee, usually) when I am at home.

On a different subject, I attended a Boston comicbook convention today, and while I was there I scooped up 13 Spidey comics (10 for .50¢ each, and the other three for a total of $10.00). Not bad, eh? The really cool thing about this acquisition was that it brought me within five regular comics and three annuals of completing the original run of Amazing Spider-Man.

I scored three issues of ASM, (& two Annuals), a Peter Parker Annual, three issues of Sensational Spider-Man, one Spider-Man the Lost Years, and three issues of Spider-Man Chapter One. Not bad for a day of fun, eh?

More on this story as it develops.


spideyfan said...

All these spidey mugs... and a spidey all makes it weirder that there are way so many Spider-Man haters or those who thinks comic book are kids stuff.

I feel less geeky when I see that the only thing I collect on Spider-Man beside the comics & the animated series is 'Video Games's', don't know if this should make me proud or dissapointed for not being that much a loyal spidey fan

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Spideyfan, remember I¹ve been reading since ‘62, and collecting stuff almost as song as there has been stuff to collect.

Plus, quite a bit of my stuff isn’t so much stuff that I’ve collected, as it is stuff that was purchased for me and given to me as presents over the years.

Kids of your own will do that for you when prompted. It makes for easy gift-giving ideas:

“What should we get dad for Father’s Day, a tie?”

“Yeah, but let’s make sure it has Spider-Man on it!”

Eventually, you have more Spidey gear than non-Spidey gear, or at least that’s how its worked for me.

Tommy said...


Catching up on issues on the cheap is always neato!

And awesome mugs, natch!

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