Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Belkis Year! (February)

So, as you all know, 2009 is Belkis year. It is the year that we get to celebrate one of the most beautiful, talented, and entertainingly wonderful women that I (personally) know in this industry. Belkis is the feature pin-up girl of a calendar that was produced by James Rodriguez’s NovaStar Studios. James recruited a number of very talented NY fantasy artists and pulled this thing together in a gorgeous package.

So, at the beginning of each month I’m going to post the image corresponding to the month on the calendar. This month’s image is courtesy of James himself. If you are going to be at this year’s NY ComicCon, then you’ll want to stop by James’ table in Artist’s Ally and pick up one. I know that Belkis will be there so perhaps you’ll not only get to meet her but get her autograph as well.

Anyway, Belkis has a very cool marketing site where she talks about the industry, and her most recent post made me remember that it is a new month, and I needed to let you all know that as well. Now I’m going to go back to staring at my calendar.


Tommy said...

Schwing!! Schwing!!

Robert J. Sodaro said...


bcardonarivera said...
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bcardonarivera said...

Yes, I will definitely be there! Can't wait to see you and James.


Robert J. Sodaro said...

As you can imagine, the feel, my dear is fully mutual!