Sunday, February 26, 2012

Main Enterprises

Yesterday I drove up to see my buddy Jim Main. I’ve known Jim for quite a number of years (met him back when he owned a comic shop). Well, Jim’s been publishing comics since the dawn of time and recently (over the past couple of years), he’s been publishing some of my stories in his many wonderful anthologies.

He publishes under the company name Main Enterprises, and this weekend I went up to his place to pick up a number of comics (with my work in them) that he was holding for me. (If you want copies of the books to which I contributed, go here, and check out which books you want, then either follow those links to Jim’s ecrater site, or contact me and buy from me direct. Hey I’ll even autograph them for you.)

Well, in addition to the books with my work that I acquired from Jim, he was nice enough to gift me with a couple of his other titles that didn’t contain my work, but are still nifty-cool. One of these books was Tribute #2 and the other was *PPFSZT! Annual #1 — Jim’s first full-color comic. The comic is beautiful featuring work from quite a few of the many talented creators who regularly contribute to Jim’s various books.

I also hear that an upcoming issue of *PPFSZT! (#35) he did manage to include a photo of my glorious self (one of the few photos ever taken of me that I actually like). Even though I don’t have anything in the annual Tribute, or *PPFSZT! #35, I strongly recommend that you check out the, along with Jim’s other titles as well, they are all quite good.

Some of the other comics that Jim publishes include Soundwaves, This comic is a very unique title from Main Enterprises because of its musical nature. Soundwaves contains illustrations and comics that are all on a musical note! And still there are more titles.

I tell you, Jim is a publishing machine! I’m not quite sure how he has the time to produce all of these comics, but he somehow does, and well, I, along with all of the numerous very talented creators, are very pleased that he does, as we are able to get our work into print.

So, if you are in the mood to support Indie comics, then hurry over to Main Enterprise’s ecrater site, and gobble up a whole bunch of them, as they are some of the coolest comics I’ve seen of late.

Well that’s all for me now, I’ve got to finish reading *PPFSZT! Annual #1. (Did I mention that it is full color?)

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