Monday, September 14, 2009

Yep, I met Spidey again this weekend!

So, some of you might remember that last year at the Oyster Festival I met Spider-man and his friends. Well this year I met them again.

The kid-friendly show played to a packed-to-overflowing house on Sunday, and was ecclesiastically greeted by all fans. Last year Spidey and friends talked about the importance of being nice and how to deal with bullies, while this year the message was about the environment. (Interestingly enough, there were a couple of calls to the Seaport office from “offended” parents who felt the message was some sort of “indoctrination” to the kids (read: they objected to one of their kid’s heroes telling the kiddies that they should be driving hybrids instead of SUVs and conserving energy).

I’m telling you that it is getting harder and harder to do something positive, uplifting, and innocuous these days.

Anyways, this year, Joining Spidey was Captain America and Iron Man (as well as the villainous Green Goblin. Here is the (autographed) card I got from them at the event. I have more photos (including one of me with the characters) as well video, and as soon as I can figure out how to get the vids off my phone, I’ll post them as well (the photo of me and the gang was taken by someone else, and when I get it sent to me, I’ll do that as well).

In the mean time, enjoy these...

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Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

Did they use "Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends" theme?
All the other guys appeared in that show even as just costumes

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