Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Venom joins the Crew

So, you all know by now (or should) that I’ve been collecting a group of Marvel toys that come in — what can only be described — a “Bubblegum Machine” (and no, there is no actual gum in the machine, or with the toys), each of the figures is packaged inside of a sealed plastic bag that is placed in side a plastic egg, which is then loaded into the machine. Four quarters inserted into the pay slot (turn the handle), and you have your very own Marvel figurine.

Each of the toys comes in several pieces, and requires some assembly. Cool, eh? Yeah, I thought so as well, which is why I’ve buying them.

I have already fully collected the first set of these figures, and am currently working on the second set. This set consists of eight characters, and I currently have five of them (a pair of Spideys, Sandman, Green Goblin, and (just this week), Venom.

Unfortunately, I have also acquired a number of duplicates:

• 1 Hulk (from the previous set)
• 2 Sandmans
• 2 Spideys (w/“railing” base)
• 1 Spidey (w/“brick” base)

I’ve already given a couple of my dupes away, but I still have more, so I’m willing to trade these for the ones that I’m missing (a third “sliding” or “backwards-leaning” Spidey), Doc Ock, and whatever the eighth character is (we still don’t know, but we are told that there are eight).

I have it on good authority that a third set will be available in December.

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