Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Thing of it all

Yesterday I acquired yet another of the Marvel “Bubble gum” toy characters. This one was The Thing, from the Fantastic Four. Again, it was at the movies (this time when I went to see the wicked-cool Star Trek with a bunch of buddies of mine), only it was at a different theater. However, when I got home and looked through the pile of toys that I recently cleared off my desk shelf, I realized that I had actually acquired this toys some time back, and not only had I forgotten that I already had it, but I had forgotten to post it when I got it.

OK, so here it is now. More on Trek tomorrow when I wake up and can coherently write about it. (Perhaps I’ll be able to acquire some new Trek toys as well from Burger King).

Oh, yeah when I was posting Thing, I realized that the image I had put up previously of the Spidey toy was taken with my old cell phone’s camera, and well, was a tad blurry, so, I decided that Spidey deserved a better image, so I snapped off another shot,and am posting it here. Hope you all appreciate the lengths I go to for you folks. So now I have (ahem) two Things.

Well, that’s about it for now kids. Time to rack out. Catch you in the funnypapers!

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