Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's May of Belkis, 2009!

Ah, it is my favorite time of the month, to announce to you all what talented artist got their chance to illustrate the lovely form of the wow-she’s-so-incredibly-good-looking-that-I-can’t-believe-she’s-actually-talking-to-me-hot-hot-hottie Belkis!

Yep! this is not only the Month that contains the birthday of my son Dylan, and Free Comic Book Day, but it is the Belkis Month of May. With special illustration by Ray Felix.

The focal point of Ray’s art combines his childhood superhero fantasies with a powerful erotic twist that is liberally flavored with American politics and religious dogma. At 17, he (like many of us) wanted to become a comicbook character. As a young artist he was living a detached existence from the real world. In a sense it was a survival mechanism from growing up in the Bronx and a reaction to being raised in a religious cult.

Having given up on ever becoming an actual carton, his current goal as an artist is to transport the viewer to a fictional comic world of his creation. Since becoming a freelance teaching artist in various prisons in the New York area, Ray attempts to convey his interpretation through his comics and paintings as to how he reconfigure the details of this so-called reality and brings his viewers to contemplate his personal view of the world according to him.

Since the events of 9/11 and the vast conspiracies surrounding the event have come to flourish, his work has grown to pantomime the political circus that consumes mainstream media here in America.

If you like Ray’s work, you want to support Indie creators, or just like looking at pretty girls (Belkis especially), go to NovaStar Studios and order one from James Rodriguez.

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