Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Day after the Night Before!

So, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I visited two comic shops (on opposite sides of the state, next year I think I'm going to add one in the middle as well), and in addition to scoring 31 FCBD comics (plus three more “regular” comics that one shop adds in as special extras), I scored a set of four special Marvel comics from Taco Bell, a set of six comics from Teshkeel Publishers who produced the wonderful Islamic-themed superhero comic The 99, A pair of comics (Celtic Knights) from my Facebook Buddy from Ireland (Stephen Paul Coffey, and a comp copy of Beyond the Kuieper Belt (Free Lunch Comics) as I had contributed a fake “letter of comment” to the premiere issue. Plus I picked up a pair of comics from one of the indie comic creators/publishers who was displaying at Sarge’s.

Plus, a bunch of us went to see Wolverine (my second time). While at this second viewing I learned that there are apparently multiple codas attached to the end of the film (stick around ‘til after all of the credits roll).

Forty-nine comics, not a bad haul for a single day. In fact that I somehow missed out on snagging a copy of Love & Capes is a tad irritating, but I’m sure that one will turn up.

Now I have to get back to writing my entries for the Official Index to Marvel Comics.

Once I get past this deadline, I'll start posting reviews of the comics I scored this weekend.

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