Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There can be only One!

I first discovered Highlander when I saw the MTV video of the title sequence with Queen playing their killer track behind Connor MacLeod and the Kurgan battling atop that building with the Silvercup neon sign in the background.Once I saw that I knew that I had to see the film. Unfortunately I missed the film in the theater, but I did catch it on Cable. Years later I caught the horrible sequel and panned it unmercifully in my film column. When the third film came out, it returned the series to being totally watchable (needless to say, I have own the first and third DVDs but not #2).

When it hit TV, I started watching that (yes,even the animated series) the fourth film and the fifth TV film were also watchable, as was the spin-off The Raven. When Highlander became a comicbook over at Dynamite, I was equally excited as well, I really love this stuff. They have already published a few different series featuring the various characters from the films and TV shows with a varying degree of success (for whatever reason, I personally don’t think that the time changes from present to past top the present work as well in print as they do in the films and TV shows, but again, that could be just be me.

Anyway, Dynamite has just issued a two-part history of the Kurgan that was quite good. However, after reading it I did have one problem with the story. In the first part, in 880 B.C.E. The Kurgan finds himself in Israel only that is so completely not possible, because, as we all know, the land known as Palestine did not become the nation we now know as Israel until 1948. When writing historical fiction it is always good to know something about history.

Still, you should not let this one little flaw to dissuade you from reading an otherwise engaging comic series.

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