Friday, March 27, 2009

Apparently the IS such a thing as a Free Lunch!

Well, Free Lunch Comics, that is. Yep, Free Lunch comics is the publishing company of my good buddies Matt Ryan and Steve Kanaras. Matt (as you already know, was the kickoff artist on my own Wülf Girls feature that debuted in Guild Works Productions horror anthology Psychosis!). Well Free Lunch is the home of Matt’s Bigger, Steve’s Only in Whispers, and well a whole bunch of other very cool comics, including Mark Tarrant’s The Blood Rider.

The Blood Rider is a vampire western story that tells the tale of Ezekiel Carson who is cursed to roam the untamed west as an undead blood-sucking creature of the night who was once a devoted man of God. now Ezekiel is haunted by his past as he attempts to deal with what he has become. He does this by feeding on bandits and spending his nights satisfying his endless lusts, he has found his life is empty. The very nature of this story (vampires in the old west) make it stand out from among most of what is being published these days.

As long as I’m discussing one of my favorite artists, I wanted to also mention Unhappy Grandma (Radbu Productions). Now Radbu has no connection to Free Lunch save that the guys at Radbu (Tom Van Zandt & Markellus Ragans) hired Matt Ryan to illustrate the comic. This story is about a world where many folk have extraordinary powers. One of those folks is this one rather irritated grandmother, who is simply put bone tired of these hooligans ruining her once peaceful Boston Neighborhood.

Not to be taken entirely seriously, it is an entertaining respite from all of the comics being published these days that feel that they have to be dark and gritty to garner an audience. it is light, humorous, and quite entertaining. I suggest you give it a try.

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