Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The REAL Miss March!

Forget that silly movie of the same name. The Real Miss March is my good friend and talented artist Michele St. Martin, who’s always stunning artwork appears this month on the Novastar Studios Fantasy Art Calendar featuring the always lovely Belkis. If you want to know more about this month’s talented artist:

Michele was born in New York City, Michele was initiated into a strange family that weaned her on not on Dr. Seuss, and Dick & Jane books, but on a steady diet of Famous Monsters, Eerie, Creepy, Heavy Metal magazine, stoner-rock, Kung-Fu movies, really bad horror & exploitation films, and great books & art. Later on, she attended Manhattan’s High School of Art and Design, graduating with honors & a penchant for drawing truly naughty images.

After attending Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute for a spell, she figured she’d be making more money freelancing than actually going to class, which she did with relish & has been doing ever since, illustrating for various companies, publications, and private clients. Currently, Michele is pursuing various projects, including a collaboration slated to appear in an original horror comic entitled MUTATIA.

She now divides her time between New York City and Seattle, WA. You can also check her out on Comicspace, on Deviantart, and her brand new gallery.


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Tommy said...

Sweet! A deviant art gallery!