Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It’s All Going to Hell’s (Blood) Today

Today I want to talk about a very cool Indie comic produced by one of my all-time favorite Indie publishers, Guild Works Productions (GWP). Of course I’m talking about my good buddy Hector Rodriguez’s Hell’s Blood. this comic tells the story of a young kid named Hector (no relation) who lives in Holyoke, MA and inadvertently gets involved in occult activities after mystic forces attack his grandmother, Angela, one evening.

Angela is on her way home when she is attacked by a daemonic insect. Summoning her own arcane abilities, she fights back with tragic results, and eventually her grandson is drawn into this epic battle between the forces of the mystic darkness and the flesh-and-blood world. This story shows off Hector’s fine pencil work along with the able-bodied assist by the rest of his crew, Keith Murphey (art assist), Scott Scheaffer (script), Jet Amago (grayscales), Johnny Lowe (Letters).

We understand that Hector is already working on the next issue, and we can hardly wait to see where he takes this story, as it has us intrigued with the possibilities.


Hector E. Rodriguez said...

Thanks for having me Mr. Sodaro.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Oh, did I mention? I love this book!