Saturday, July 17, 2010

Official Index to the Marvel Universe: The Amazing Spider-Man

OK, now this is really cool, you all know that I’ve been contributing to Official Index to the Marvel Universe for some time, well, now Marvel has collected all of the Spidey entries from the first volume (to be sure, they also collected Iron Man & the X-Men, but I didn’t contribute to those entries), and issued them as a softcover edition.

Yep, I though that it is a really nifty thing for Marvel to do as well, and well, I just got my (comp) copies (two of ‘em!) today, so I’m pretty pumped. Further, if I had realized that Marvel was going to issued them as a book, I would have contributed entries to the other series as well, that way I would have gotten my name in the other volumes as well. Needless to say, for the second series (out now) I’m contributing to not on the Captain America entries, but to the Thor entries as well (Maybe I should do a couple of Avenger entries just so I can get that book when it comes out as well, eh?)

This is (in case I haven't already said it a dozen times already), kind of a cool thing for me, and gets me pumped to do more entries (which will make Al, and my editors really happy I’m guessing).

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