Friday, July 16, 2010

Advice for writers...

In all the years I've been reading (and writing for and about) comics, this is the most salient column and advice I've ever read for those witching to get into writing for Marvel comics. It comes from Marvel talent manager C.B. Cebulski himself, so, well, he ought to know.

“New writers, sending pitch ideas of any kind to editors cold is a definite mistake.

If you want to write for Marvel, get published elsewhere first. Marvel editors only review previously published work to judge your chops.

All writers need to snail mail the editors directly.

Yes, self-published work, mini-comics, webcomics, editorial cartoons, newspaper strips, novels... all count as published work for writers.”

To read the rest of the column, check out Cebulski's column.

It is a two-part column, so there should be more later.

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