Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introducing Atlas Unleashed!

For several months I’ve been talking about this new publisher that I’ve been working with to develop new properties, and bring some older ones back into the limelight. The name of that company is Atlas Unleashed. Well, I am very pleased to say that the first issue under the Atlas Unleashed logo has hit the shelves.

That’s right, effendis, Schizophrenia #1 is out there, and it is a very compelling package. It contains four stories that range from the eerily compelling, haunting dream-like state of by Nathaniel Baker & Shawnti Therrien; to the off-kilter oddness of Angry Man by Acevedo Marzan & the late, great, Rusty Haller. Then there is the Spartan starkness of Rich Terdoslavich’s Compulsion, and finally, rounded out by A visit with good Ole...Doctor Frommenstadt by our imperious leader, mark mazz aided and abetted by the able-bodied Mr. James Webb.

Yep, this first issue of our premier title dares our readers to — quite literally — “Unleash the nightmares within...”

Yeah, we certainly have our work cut out for ourselves, and yep, we truly believe ourselves up for the task at hand. We will be debuting the comic at the upcoming NY ComicCon. Make sure you stop up and talk to us.

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