Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wicked-cool new Indy books!

So I was at ComiCONN this past weekend, and I managed to score a pair of wicked cool indie comics. One of them was from my good friend and Atlas Unleashed compatriot, Shawnti Therrien and the other is from by good friend and fellow CAGer Liz Ortiz.

I haven’t read either of the books as of yet*, but I wanted to let you folks out there know about them, and I wanted to direct you to the Immortal Gothic website where you can score copies of both of these books for yourselves.


*OK, technically I have read some of Am I Immortal, but that’s only because portions of the book originally appeared in the edition of Am I Immortal, that was published by Free Lunch Comics. Shawnti has re-acquired the publishing rights to her magnum opus, and is releasing it under her own Immortal Gothic imprint. There is — however — new material including “Little Cain” which you have to read to believe.


Not to slight Liz, this issue (which follows on the heals of her character appearing in an issue of Mysterious Visions. Liz is a wonderful Manga artist, who is going places and you are going to be pleased with yourself that you get your hands on this, her “early” work.

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