Sunday, May 16, 2010

ComicConn 2010

So, yesterday I spent the day at ComicConn 2010, and while there I not only hooked up with numerous friends of mine (some I haven’t seen in nearly a quarter of a century), but I met a guy who just might want to hire me on as a writer (more on that as it happens).

Still, perhaps the biggest thing was that I manage to score two of the three missing issues of Amazing Spider-Man that I need to complete my run on this title (ASM #431 & ASM V2 #21). Now I only have to score ASM V2 #25, and I’ll have ‘em all (including Amazing Fantasy #15 I might add).

Seriously, how wicked-cool is that?

As for the rest of Spidey's (numerous) titles, I know that I have like 90% of them all, and once I’ve finished off with ASM, I’m going to hunt down every issue of every title (including all of his appearances in other character’s titles — excluding reprints and variant issues).

So, yeah, I’m pretty pumped about all of this.

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