Saturday, May 08, 2010

Iron Man! IRON Man! IRON MAN!

OK kids, Iron Man opened last night and while I didn’t go yet (I was actually supposed to see it on Wed night, but that’s a whole ‘nother story), I AM going today. (First show of the day!) So, until I get there, I’m gonna lay on you the pair of Free Comic Book Day Iron Man comics that I scored on FCBD (which was last Saturday, in case you Droogs missed it).

One of them co-starred Thor and the other co-starred Nova. Both of them were fun and interesting reads, with the Nova one apparently pitched to a younger audience. The IM/Thor issue had the Norse weather god unsuccessfully battling fierce and unprecedented weather patterns that were apparently the result of a device initially created by Stark to “weaponize” weather, and (mis)appropriated by a bunch of greedy and self-centered multibillioniares who wanted to emigrate to the famed Blue Area of the moon and terraform Earth’s natural satellite for their personal enjoyment.

The Nova issue had the youngster teem with the Golden Avenger to smack down the Red Ghost and his team of super apes. The Apes themselves are being kept in protective custody, but Ivan (the Ghost), busts them out, only one of the apes (Igor, the shape-changing monkey actually) doesn’t really want to be subservient to his Russian master anymore and assists the heroes in stopping him. At one point Igor shifts into Spider-Man which merits this issue being listed in the Spider-Fan database.

As stated, both of these comics were available for FCBD, which brings up a perennial question I’ve posed, that why doesn’t Marvel (or DC, or whatever company is the bases for the new comicbook film), produce and distribute giveaway comics to be handed out at the premiere of funnybook films? Such a maneuver would (perhaps) entice patrons of the film to head back into their local comicbook shops to seek out the four-color versions of these stories, thus increasing readership?

This seems like such a simple marketing idea, and yet it is rarely ever utilized.

Talk about brain trusts.

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