Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Free Comic Book Day: Debreifing #1

Yeah, this is going to take a couple of posts, I would have posted about this on Sunday (or even yesterday, but, well, I had “Intertube issues”. Now, I’m about to run out (to pick up DC Comic stuff @ Taco Bell), and then go to lunch, so I’ve got to make this quick.

As you know, Saturday I went to the Bronx Heroes Con where I got to interview Dondie co-creator Irwin Hasen with my pal Mark Mazz, which was (needless to say) wicked cool.

While at the con I hooked up with a buncha friends and creators, scoring some very nice Indie books (which I’ll talk about later), and then came home to find a stack of some 30 FCBD comics t (and a War Machine Clix) hat my pal Paul Salerno from A Timeless Journey in Stamford, CT put aside for me, and I thanked him for his indulgence by spending a copious amount of funnybooks from him.

Then I scooted over to my (regular) comics guy and picked up my books from last week. Now — as stated — I’m about to jet to Taco Bell for their funnybooks (Thanks, Marc).

Then it’s lunch with my good friend Neil. The rest of this to follow in a new post...

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