Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I’m so happy I could carry a book!

No, really!

I just heard from my good buddy Dave Ryan — who is hard at work on his highly anticipated comicbook series, The War of the Independents — and he told me that not only is he planning on debuting the book at the New York ComicCon this year. Well, he also just told me that he is planning on issuing a trading card set as well, and, since my Wülf Girlz are a part of the series, they will also be appearing in the Trading card set.

Also, I just turned a prose Wülf Girlz story over to my new pal, Sean Koury (who’s wicked-cool character is Bounty Hunter) that teams the Girlz up with his guy.

Which is great news, as Rick Lundeen, the new artist on the Girlz adventures, has finished off the third installment, as well as done three fabulous illustrations for the prose novella I wrote. He also illustrated a single-page tale that is going in the Atlas Unleashed newsletter (all of which is slated to be out by the end of this year).

Yeah, these Girlz are going to be all over the place soon. Now all I have to do is convince Shocker Toys to produce a line of toys about the series, that will include the Girlz as well...

Dave, are you listening?

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