Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The War of the Independents

Many of you have heard about Dave Ryan’s The War of the Independents. This is a pet project of Dave’s that (i suspect) grew out of Marvel’s Civil War Event.

Personally, I have only seen a couple of the penciled pages and a poster image or two, so I really don’t know much more about it than all that. Still, one thing that I do know, is that my own characters The Wülf Girlz, will be appearing in the series (something I have probably have mentioned here a time or three).

Anyway, the reason that I bring it up today, is that I became aware (on Dave’s ComicSpace page) that some folk have been developing War of the Independents banners that can be placed on their own (or other’s) web pages, to promote the event.

Well, just today, I built my own banner, and I’m putting it up here. Feel free to download and link either to this post, to Dave’s ComicSpace Page, or to the official War of the Independents Webpage. That would be totally cool.

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Tommy said...

I recognize Shi, Madman, Dawn, and Savage Dragon from the group.

Some of these characters have appeared with Marvel characters too. I know there were several Marvel and Top Cow crossovers during one year and Savage and Ben-Spidey met during Spider-man Team-Up #5 & Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck #1.

I have a friend that's started up a comic collection recently which encompasses a lot of stuff from misc. publishers. I wonder what he'll think of this when I next get in touch with him.