Friday, April 25, 2008

Quit Monkying around with my heroes

First they were heroes, then we wondered “What I..” Next up we saw them as zombies, now apes? that’s right, Apes. No, this is not DC from the wild wacky ‘60s where they loved apes to death (ours, not theirs). Sure, sure Gorilla Grodd was fun and all, but I can’t help but to think that what set Marvel apart from DC is that while DC was filling their pages with silly “comicbookie” kinds of things, Marvel was setting their heroes in the real world and giving them real problems.

Now the reverse seems true. While I’m not entirely sure what is going on over at DC, we are getting stuff like this...

Simian Superheroes Coming to Comics With Marvel Apes

Marvel Comics will soon publish Marvel Apes, a mini-series set in a universe where heroes like Iron Man and Wolverine are hairier, toothier and infinitely more likely to check each other for body lice.

(via Underwire)

All of which brings me back to my original question. With all of the alternate Earths floating around the Marvel Universe these days, why did they have to go and screw around with the Mainstream Spidey? Wouldn’t have been simpler to have just spun a new Spidey off (resurrect Scarlet Spider, perhaps? Stan Knows that he still has plenty of fans and supporters!)

Ah well what do I know?


Reggie White Jr. said...

Heard about Marvel Apes about a week ago. Freaking weird but then again, that seems about on par for Marvel these days.

As for Scarlet Spider? Well, Marvel seems to be in the mindset of "If we don't mention it, it didn't happen."

Robert J. Sodaro said...

I notice that they haven’t mentioned MJ in a bit either. Actually, truth of it is, Reggie. I think that I’m going to enjoy the Peter the Spider-Monkey better than I’m enjoying ASM these days.

But that could just be me.

Tommy said...

One of the BND issues made me groan for another reason.

Pete's listing off things he wants to do and get a girlfriend is one of them.

Dunno if that's just snarky writing or dumb, since there are so many ways to take that thought, but ehhh...back to the apes.

It's not too far-fetched if you just go by Spidey variants, considering he's a pig in one reality (Spider-Ham) and a dinosaur in that random Excalibur issue I found some months back.




Actually, the more pressing question in my mind, is if Mary Jane is with him in this reality, meaning we'll be seeing a red-haired ape. Q_o

Well, she's was Mary Jane Water Buffalo in the Spider-Ham uni, so she'd be what in this one...?