Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you say Whoopsie!

I’ve been reading comics for quite some time, and while I haven’t (obviously) read (or seen) all of them, I have seen quite a few. Until today, I never saw what I’m about to show you (unless it occurred as an April Fool’s joke). If you look close, you can see that there are (apparently) not one, but two issue # 17s of Amazing Spider-Girl. (The Real ASG #17 appears to the left)

That’s right, two. (ASG #18 appears to the right)

No, not a single issue with a variant cover (a practice I have always hated, you know how many times I’ve purchased the “variant” thinking it was a new issue? Too many) be two separate issues.

Also, this is not a volume 1/volume 2 scenario, it is a flat-out typo. The wrong number is on the cover (I can tell because the issue is correctly numbered in the inside indicia. Will that make this a valuable collector’s item or just an interesting oddity is anyone’s guess (also, will Marvel choose to reprint it with a correct number on the cover?) Don’t know. (The “fake” ASG #17 appears to the left)

Anyway, it is kind of fun, and helped brighten my day a bit. (right after it made me crazy for 10 or 15 minutes while I attempted to sort out what was going on with my collection accounting practices.

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Tommy said...

I think the error issue will be worth more *if* the issue with the error is re-released with the proper numbering.

If it isn't, it'll be normal value, much like the misnumbered Daredevil Annual with Spidey set during the Atlantis Attacks storyline.

If reissued, you'll see stuff on EBay. I know they sure as hell sold the uncensored thing from Spider-Man: Reign with, what was it, his balls or something showing?

In the case of the Pokemon trading card game, error cards are worth more. I have one where they didn't print the expansion set symbol on the card. Each card set has a mini symbol indicating where it came from.